So very happy to have met you, had my assessment and after so many years to know why I've lived with pain for so long! Already noticing a difference and adjusting healthy food intake and finding out the foods that I thought were healthy were causing many years of discomfort!


The one issue that almost made me not go through the assessment was the not meeting you beforehand. Normally, my head would have said, not seeing the human behind this, it's probably just a waste of money. I was just in so much misery that I chanced it anyway. I was so out of my way of thinking. I can't believe I did it, but it was probably the best decision of my life! Just thinking how many others out there fear the unknown. They should meet you and see how great you are with what you are doing!!! Also, what amazes me is that you know my aged body better than any doctor I've ever had!!!

Theda Davidson

My youngest girl was sick for a few years and we had her to the doctors multiple times. They thought up all kinds of reasons to sell her drugs and even suggested it may be a problem at home...depression or something...maybe need drugs for that.

We went to the Naturopath in town and described her symptoms. The lady said take her off dairy. We did, and she took a probiotic, and was better in about a week.

Her symptoms were a really bad stomach almost all the time and a skin thing like eczema. I felt so sad and totally pissed when I finally figured it out. Poor thing suffered and it was such a simple fix.

So what I am saying is we need more of you in heath care, keep up the good work!

Kevin Scammell

I'm so thankful for the expert advise & care I have received since I started seeing Janice re health issues I have. After this last month's regime I have not had to use my puffer OR my nitro patches. I am finally feeling a return to good health with my old energy & enjoyment of living!!


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