How It Works

BioScanMSA (Meridian Stress Assessment) Computerized Health Testing

BioScanMSA Is Great For Adults And Kids Alike!

Provided by IHT (International Health Technologies), this non-invasive assessment is used to scan organs, glands and bodily systems to find areas of inflammation, determine food & environmental sensitivities, nutrient & digestive enzyme deficiencies, hormonal & neurotransmitter imbalances, and gut health including the presence of parasites, Candida, H.pylori and more.  This system also helps find natural remedies that work best for "you" because each of us is different.  This assessment is for those who are unwell and are looking to improve their health, as well as for those wanting to optimize their current state of health and be proactive in preventing future issues.


How Does It Work?

The mechanics of this technology is not new. It works similarly to an EKG or EEG machine by creating a circuit with the body.  Energy is input through acupoints, and the output is measured. A circuit is established when the client holds a brass hand mass while a stylus is used to touch various acupoints on the hands and feet.

Each acupoint is connected to a meridian (energy channel) which, in turn, is connected to a specific organ, gland or bodily system. The equipment measures the time it takes the energy (2.4 volts...less than a cell phone) to make one complete circuit. If the flow is impeded, that indicates stress or inflammation in that area.

Meridians (energy channels) have been proven to exist and are separate from the circulation and lymphatic channels.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been around for centuries, and BioScanMSA technology combines with that to deliver a measurable outcome.

Natural remedies can be tested to find what works best for each person because we are all biochemically different.  As well, current medications and/or supplements can be tested for balancing or imbalancing properties.

This is the system that changed my life after suffering 12 years with daily headaches.

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