Did you know that most western diets lack sufficient fiber? The human colon is convoluted in shape and works best when it is full of water and indigestible plant fiber. Sources are 100% whole grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruit.

Finely powdered "psyllium husks" make an excellent fiber supplement (one rounded tablespoon in a large glass of water, once or twice daily, as needed). Psyllium is a bowel normalizer and helps speed up transit time if it's too slow (constipation), or slow it down if it's too fast (diarrhea).

Many people are constipated without realizing it. Having a "regular" bowel movement every day does not give the whole picture (no pun intended!). What a person passes today could be from a meal eaten three days ago. To find out your transit time, eat some beets (or corn) and time how long it takes for the read stain or corn pieces to completely disappear from subsequent movements. It if takes longer than 24 are constipated.

Constipation may be caused or aggravated by low thyroid conditions or low stomach acid. Find out what your constipation culprit could be by having a holistic health assessment done.  Request an appointment.


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