Water Anyone?

Did you know that, ideally, one should consume from two to three litres of purified water daily? Many people are dehydrated and don't even know it, either because they don't drink enough water, because they take diuretics, or consume excess amounts of caffeine and/or alcohol. Water is the medium in which all biochemical reactions take place in the body. It is the means by which the body flushes itself of excess toxins and is required in abundance for the health of the kidneys.

Some of this could be in the form of herbal or caffeine-free teas, or diluted, unsweetened juices. If, however, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages are consumed, then the amount of purified water needs to be increased accordingly. Drinking the appropriate amount of liquid may bring on the urge to urinate every two hours or so during the day. This may not be a convenient frequency, but it is certainly a healthy one!

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