Ways to Detoxify: Part Three - "The Gallbladder Flush"

This is a time-tested technique for safely removing gallstones from the gall bladder.  Some find it easy to do.  Some find it harsh.  But, it has a very high success rate with no known reports of injury.  Although, it has never happened in thousands of cases, there is a ‘theoretical’ risk of a large stone becoming lodged in the bile duct whereby it would need to be removed surgically, however, most gallstones are solidified cholesterol.  The following procedure makes them very soft, so they can be expelled easily.  Stones as large as ¾ of an inch have been safely passed in this manner, without surgery. 


  1. For at least two weeks prior to starting this cleanse, take two flaxseed oil capsules and at least 400 IU of vitamin E daily.

  2. On the first day of the cleanse, take no prescription meds or supplements that are not essential.


  • Eat a zero-fat breakfast and lunch (i.e., only fruit, vegetables, whole grains and/or protein supplement).

  • Eat nothing after 2pm.

  • Mix 3 TBSP of Epsom salts into 3 cups of water and put it in the fridge.

  • At 6pm, drink ¾ cup of cold Epsom salt solution.

  • At 8pm, drink another ¾ cup of cold Epsom salt solution.

  • At 9:45pm, pour ½ cup of olive oil into a glass, squeeze in a whole grapefruit and mix until watery.

  • At 10pm, drink the olive oil mixture and immediately lie down.Stay still for 20 minutes, then go to sleep.


  • After 6am, take another ¾ cup of cold Epsom salt solution.

  • Two hours later, take the rest of the cold Epsom salt solution.

  • Two hours after that, start to eat again.Start with fruit or fruit juice.Eat a light lunch and by suppertime, you will be feeling like your usual self again.

By the end of the second day, stones should appear in the toilet bowl, mixed with feces.  There may be a hundred tiny ones, a few larger ones, some fragments, or perhaps only sludge.  Colors range from pea green to emerald green to very dark green (almost black).  The cleanse can be repeated every three weeks until the gallstones stop coming out (sometimes there may be over 1000 tiny stones).


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